How To Apply For Arizona Food Stamps

July 24, 2012

There are 4 different ways to apply for food stamps in Arizona. Get food stamps fast by:

  • Filling out an application online here. Simply scroll down and click on Begin Now! to create an account and complete an application.
  • Printing and mailing in an application to your local agency. Download the application here.
  • Requesting an application from your local Family Assistance Administration (FAA) agency.
  • Filling out an application in person at your local Family Assistance Administration (FAA) agency.

To request an application through the mail, for assistance, or to contact your local agency click here or call: 602-542-9935 if you live within the Phoenix area, and 1-800-352-8401 for outside areas.

Applying For Arizona Food Stamps

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) was created to aid households that don’t have the income to buy their groceries every month. SNAP provided assistance to over 40 million Americans in 2010.

It won’t matter just what their own race, sex, or religion is – applying for food stamps is open to anyone residing in the United States. Precisely how much a particular person receives in assistance from SNAP depends on a few factors, but in the year 2008, the average person received $101 a month.

As expected, for you to get benefits from SNAP, there’s a set of criteria that a person will need to meet. Specific documents of proof of your eligibility are essential when you apply.

In many circumstances, if you are under 60 years old, it is a requirement for you to not have any more than $2,000 in assets. Nonetheless, if you or some other person in your home is 60 or over, the limit raises to $3,000. For those who are presently getting aid from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF), or accept Supplemental Security Income (SSI), these don’t count as assets when you apply for food stamps. Resources which will count towards your total assets include cash, money saved in a bank account and in some instances a vehicle.

There’s also an income limit, that will depend on the number of persons living in your home when that you apply for food stamps.

The sum of your expenses will also be factored in. The total you spend for child or elderly care, rent or mortgage and utilities will all be considered. Certain medical related expenses will also be considered under certain instances.

After you are accepted into the SNAP program, you’ll get an electronic benefits transfer card (EBT). In Arizona, the EBT card is called a QUEST card. Your QUEST card is very much like a debit card and may be used at most grocery stores, as well as some qualifying convenience stores or farmers markets.

Food Assistance Programs Available To You

Arizona currently maintains two programs to bring healthy and nutritious food those in need. Nutrition Assistance (NA) is the new term for food stamps in Arizona. There is also a program called The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). Those who are not accepted into the NA program might be eligible for TEFAP.

When will you know if you are accepted into the Arizona food stamp program?

You will be notified either by mail or phone within 7 days if you were qualified for expedited assistance. If not, you will be notified within 30 days. To keep your wait time as minimal as possible, make sure that you provide all of the information asked for on your application and make sure that it is correct. You can watch your applications progress through the system by clicking here: If you applied using Health-e-Arizona, you can find out where you are in application process by clicking here:

What Can You Buy With Your EBT QUEST Card?

In Arizona, you may use your EBT card to buy food, some beverages, seeds and plants that bear food. You cannot however buy hot, ready to eat food from a deli, including the deli of your grocery or convenience store.

In addition to buying food in stores, Arizona EBT QUEST cards can be used to buy prepared foods from restaurants or even hot food from delis. To qualify for this use of your EBT QUEST card, you must either be disabled, elderly or homeless. You will need to be approved when you apply, so here is how to determine whether or not you qualify.

  • If you are disabled, one or more persons living in your home must be using Social Security benefits, Railroad Retirement benefits Annuities, or another qualifying disability payment.
  • If you are considered elderly, you or someone in living in your home must be 60 years old or older.
  • If you qualify as homeless, you must not have a permanent place to sleep at night.

If you meet any one of these requirements, you can use your EBT QUEST card at participating restaurants throughout Arizona. To find out which restaurants are available to you, click here:

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I am on SSDI, That is my only income in my household.

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