How To Apply For Food Stamps In North Dakota

June 19, 2012

Step 1 (optional): Calculate how much assistance you may receive here.

Step 2: Print out an application here.

Step 3: Mail, fax, or deliver your completed application to your county’s social services office. Find the nearest office here.

Note: For assistance, please call 1-800-755-2716


Applying For North Dakota Food Stamps

Food stamps, or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) as it is currently technically labeled, was established to aid folks residing in the U.S. who are undergoing difficulties getting food items because they are making a low income. In 2010 alone, SNAP served more than 40 million men, women and children obtain enough to eat.

Lower income families located in the U.S. can try for food stamps benefits regardless of what their race, sex, religious beliefs, or even background is. The typical person was given $101/month via the SNAP program in 2008, allowing them to buy bread, dairy, various meats, produce, fruits and even garden seeds.

North Dakota Requirements For Food Stamp Applicants

There are particular requirements someone has to meet in order to be permitted to collect aid from the food stamp program. Particular documents of proof of your eligibility are required when you apply.

One particular necessity that pertains to many, is that you can not have any more than $2,000 in assets if you are less than 60 years old. If a person within your home, or you, are more than sixty years old, then the limit is raised up to $3,000. For those who are currently obtaining aid from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF), or take Supplemental Security Income (SSI), these do not count as assets when you apply for food stamps. What is counted as assets is any cash you possess, money which you have saved in a bank account, or your automobile (in some cases).

There’s also an income limit, which relies on the amount of people living in your household when that you apply for food stamps.

The sum of your expenses is also considered. Child care, elderly care, rent, mortgage, and utilities are expenditures which are considered. If you have medical related expenditures, these can also be looked at.

After you are accepted into the SNAP program, you will be given an electronic benefits transfer card (EBT). The EBT card works the same as a debit card. The EBT card can be utilized to get food items at certain grocery stores, convenience stores, or farmers markets.

What Can I Buy With Food Stamps In North Dakota?

All human foods are eligible to be bought with food stamps as long as they are not hot and ready to eat, such as food found in the hot case of a deli. Other items that are allowed include some beverages, candy and bulk foods. Food stamps cannot be used to buy non-consumable items such as paper products, cleaning items or toys. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not approved to buy using food stamps.

How Do I Check My EBT Balance In North Dakota?

Your EBT card balance can be checked in 2 different ways. The first way is to call customer service at (800)947-6600. The second way to find out how many food stamp benefits you have left is to look at the bottom of your receipt from your last EBT purchase.

Knowing the amount of food stamps you have left to spend allows you to create a shopping budget which will help you to avoid paying out of your own pocket if you go over your food stamps limit.

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